Invisalign Isn’t Only Great Because Provides A Discreet Orthodontic Treatment - It’s Also Efficient At Fixing Many Orthodontic Problems. Learn About Them.




What Can Invisalign Fix?

As your trusted orthodontist in and around Grand Rapids, we at Grand Ridge Orthodontics are proud to offer a number of cutting-edge orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. Not only is Invisalign such a great option because of its ability to give you a discreet orthodontic treatment, but it’s also incredibly efficient and capable of treating a number of different orthodontic problems. We’d like to tell you more about these problems that our Invisalign in Grand Rapids can fix.


Problems Invisalign Can Fix

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen are capable of treating many different orthodontic problems, including these six main conditions: 


  • Overbites

  • Underbites

  • Crossbites

  • Open Bites

  • Gapped Teeth

  • Crowded Teeth



An overbite (also known as an overjet) occurs when the upper teeth are too far in front of the lower teeth. Overbites don’t only tend to make chewing much more difficult, but it can cause jaw joint problems, irritate the gums, and wear down the lower teeth.


Underbites occur when the lower front teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth. This can be caused by an underdeveloped upper jaw, an overdeveloped lower jaw, or even a combination of them both. Like an overbite, an underbite can make it more difficult to chew properly and it’ll lead to jaw problems and worn teeth.



A crossbite is when a crooked jaw causes teeth to align oddly, causing one or multiple upper teeth to touch the inside of the lower teeth. This can lead to problems that include gum disease, worn teeth, and bone loss.


Open Bites

When the upper front teeth don’t make contact with the lower front teeth when the mouth is closed, this is what’s known as an open bite. While open bites can sometimes be caused by abnormal jaw structure, it’s often caused because of a child’s bad oral habits, such as thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. This orthodontic problem can cause speech impairment and it will also make it difficult to chew food and retain liquid in the mouth when swallowing.


Gapped Teeth

There may be gaps between teeth because the jaw is too large to properly accommodate all of the teeth and it may also occur because of tooth loss. While the most apparent downside to this orthodontic problem is that a person’s smile will be less attractive, gaps between the teeth can lead to a greater chance of developing gum disease as well.

Crowded Teeth

As the opposite of gapped teeth, this is when the jaw is too small to properly accommodate all of a patient’s teeth. This will lead to teeth being crooked as they struggle to make room wherever they can. The problem with crowding isn’t just that the appearance of them can look unpleasant – crowding can make it more difficult to properly clean your teeth, leading to a higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease.


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